Best Seller! (Kind of)


New Project

So as part of my new company, Mirasee, I’m writing books (co-authored with the CEO) and creating courses to help entrepreneurs build an online business.

Our first project is around Website Copywriting, and it launched April 21. It’s a quick how-to guide to the 7 key pages you need for a business website, with examples and case studies.

The online course is looking good…

We did a promotion where we offered it for free for our current students, and it got 800 students and 94 reviews in a week!

You can check out the trailer here and all the introduction videos have a free preview.

and the book is a best seller! …

Thrilled to see the ebook rise to #1 in three different categories: Business and Money, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship.


… kind of.

While it’s exciting to see that ranking, a heavy dose of perspective is in order:

  • First and foremost, right now the book is being offered for FREE (Amazon lets you give it away for a 5 day period after launch – it will go back to $2.99 soon)
  • Our company sent an email to our best users (Thus, most of the initial downloads are a free item to fans that already love us, not random people on Amazon)
  • Ranking #1 in one of Amazon’s 500+ categories does not equal NYT or WSJ bestseller (In fact, this guy created a fake book — a picture of his FOOT — and got it to become a bestseller in 5 minutes).

But again, good rankings are better than bad rankings, and these tend to help boost book sales when it goes back to paid. It’s a game that most authors play.

Wait, can I get the ebook for free?

It depends when you’re reading this, but ABSOLUTELY!

Website Copyrighting is free on Amazon from April 27th through midnight on May 1

Sending it right to a Kindle with “Buy with 1 click” (not Kindle Unlimited) is probably best for most people, but they also have a Kindle app.

It would be awesome of you could download it (and even better if you like it and write a review). Even if you don’t have a website, the introduction comparing Rockefeller and Carnegie to a Yoga Instructor and stay-at-home moms is entertaining.

Is there a paperback version?

We’re working on it. Probably available in mid May.


Anything else?

Thanks to everyone that helped, including lots of my entrepreneur contacts, friends and family, and my new friends at Cafe Mocha coffee shop (my writing headquarters).

Stay tuned for five more books on the way this year!