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The Hopkinson Report Podcast

Want to be a guest?

Definition of a win-win?  I need a constant flow of content, you are a cool person with a cool story. 

It definitely helps if you know me first or are introduced through a friend, but I’ll interview someone randomly if I like their story.

What I don’t like are straight PR blasts from people that don’t understand the show. I try to keep things on topic and talk about products that I’ve personally used.

Interested? Contact me and say hi.


The Hopkinson Report is a blog and podcast that has high-energy conversations around new media, technology, and branding that teach people how to pursue their ideal career and lifestyle.

Note: After more than 6 years and 250 episodes, I’ve decided to put the blog on hiatus, in order to focus more on Salary Tutor.

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Why should someone listen?

1) It entertains. This isn’t some Queen’s English, perfectly-articulated, BBC international finance show. In fact, it’s been called “Audible Caffeine” for its entertaining, high-energy approach. You’ll get jokes, you’ll get pop culture, and you’ll get some rants.

2) You’ll learn from me. I dig into the new media technology and career development trends that matter, not just what I’ve read, but from what I’ve actually done. Whether it is…

  • Building a website for your personal brand
  • Using infographics, video, and social media to market yourself
  • Getting to the frontpage of Google
  • Leveraging a personal brand into a book deal or
  • Working remotely from Buenos Aires

I give the reader and listener real life case studies, not fluff and speculation.

3) You’ll learn from others. I’ve interviewed more than 60 guests, from budding entrepreneurs to famous personalities. Where else will you find interviews with the co-founders of a website that gets 1 billion page views a month, the host of the #1 podcast in the world, WIRED Magazine cover subjects, and marketing leads from Intel?

Jim’s Top 15 episodes

Favorite Hopkinson Report Podcast Montage

Jim’s Top 15 interviews

Favorite Hopkinson Report Interview Montage

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Sponsor The Hopkinson Report [Photo Kyle Busch]Looking to reach thousands of targeted, tech-savvy, social-media active, entrepreneurial, hyper-influencers? The Hopkinson Report was built from the same demographic audience as and has spread through word of mouth.

  • In-podcast mentions, banner ads, “live reads”
  • Sponsorship at live events
  • Providing product (prizes, gear, etc)

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My setup

JH with MicNearly all of my podcasts are recorded in my studio. And by that I mean my studio apartment near Union Square in Manhattan, not a recording studio.  With the exception of my neighbor’s barking dogs, it’s pin-drop quiet and does the trick.

My computer setup is quite simple, consisting of my an iMac running Garageband. The first 175 episodes used stock music for my intro, while current episodes open with the song “Positively Dead” by my old band, The Nasties. Naomi Less, the singer in my second band, Less Nessman, does the sexy intro voice.

For a microphone I recommend the Snowball by Blue — I actually have two of them.  This is a very popular mic with podcasters, and gives a clear, high-quality sound for less than $100. I also added a “pop screen.”