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Let me help you turn your message into a successful online course that earns passive income

Online learning is a huge trend worldwide, allowing students to learn most any topic — from app development to Greek history – at their own pace and from any device.

Consider these stats:

  • Companies such as Fedora are aiming to create the next million dollar teachers
  • Udemy.com boasts 15,000+ instructors and 7 million students in 80 languages (6/2015)
  • Lynda.com was acquired by LinkedIn for $1.5 Billion (5/2015)
  • Udemy reports that its top 10 instructors have earned $17 million (2/2015)

So if you’re a thought-leader, author, teacher, coach, speaker, or anyone with a skill that you want to teach, you should just throw your material up online and get started, right?


On the set of one of my course video shoots

Well, it’s not quite that easy.

The key to success is having a high quality course. That means the proper content and the right production values, hosted on the proper platform and geared to the right audience.

While I subscribe to the “lean startup” approach of starting small and testing, did you know Udemy has a 40-point checklist that even the most basic course needs to pass in order to be approved?

A lot of teachers don’t know — or have the desire to know — the first thing about course creation and video production.

That’s where I come in. Contact me to learn more. Read on for more information.


Online course production advice


Common Instructor Questions

By working together, I can help answer the most common questions instructors have:

  • How do I make passive income with my course?
  • How should I structure the content?
  • How long should my course be?
  • How can I get quality audio and video?
  • How should I price it?
  • What is the best online course platform?
  • How can I market it to make sales?

Two reasons we should work together:

1) I have a particular set of skills
Not only did I jump on the current online learning train early (2012)… I actually helped Fortune 500 companies do this in the mid 90s — before the internet! (I can explain).

The process requires expertise in several areas:

  • Meticulous organization (I have that in spades)
  • Top notch writing and editing (Published author and 300+ articles written)
  • Digital marketing expertise (12 years experience at ESPN and WIRED)
  • Public speaking knowledge (6 time SXSW speaker)
  • Getting things done (Connections forged from a decade in NYC)

It also helps that I’ve walked the walk, having created half a dozen courses with tens of thousands of students.

2) This allows YOU to relaxurvashi-200
You’re here because you’re an expert on something cool, and want more people to hear your message.

When you hire me, you can focus on just that message, while I take care of the details like the video team, editing schedule, and getting the course online.

What would it feel like to simply hand over a script, have an Uber car bring you to the studio for your shoot a few weeks later, and before you know be looking at your course live online? One that earns you income 24×7.

Sounds good, right?

Services I provide:

  • Executive Producer (Oversee the entire course production)
  • Script Production (Writing, editing, structure)
  • Graphic Design (Logos, icons, stock photos, supporting graphics)
  • Video Production (Hiring the team and assistants)
  • Shoot Logistics (Studio and off-site)
  • Platform recommendation (Pros and cons of each service)
  • Marketing advice (Pricing, outreach, launch)

Ready to learn more?

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Start with a well-organized script


Instructional video in the studio


Actors ready for a scenario

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On set with legendary Hollywood screenwriter Robert McKee


On location oversight of the shoot


Course Creation / Platform Options

Example online course trailer, showing high quality production values, graphics, and various scenarios. Press play to check it out.