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New Gig!


My New Company

I’m super excited to join a new company, Mirasee. Formerly called Firepole Marketing, the rebrand is so shiny new that the new website (launched last Monday 10/26) still has some tweaks they’re working out, especially on mobile. (FYI the word “mira” comes from the word “see” and ties in with the theme of “business reimagined”).

The company serves small businesses and entrepreneurs who have something of value to share and want to make a difference in the world. For example, well, the perfect example is me.

Just like I teach people the skill of negotiating their salary and do so through a blog, books, and online courses, we help people figure out the process of doing that… finding their niche, building an audience, setting up their web presence, testing their idea, and then launching a profitable course or other products.

I’m joining their senior leadership team as their Director of Courses, and will be working on their flagship courses, building new ones, and well, lots more that I probably can’t reveal yet.

There are four employees based in Montreal, but the entire team of twenty-five — whoops, we’ve grown from 25 to 30 in the last week — is WORK FROM ANYWHERE. That means I can still live my current lifestyle, working when I want, where I want. Oh, did I mention their all-company retreat at a mountain resort?

What About Salary Tutor?

That’s one of the best parts. Not only do they allow side gigs, they encourage them. The fact that I am already running a similar company on the side is an advantage. Plus, everything I’ll be learning on this job will tie back to what I’m doing with Salary Tutor, which is in a great place right now:

  • The new website was finished in August, traffic has increased month-over-month for six months straight, and October was my highest traffic month in 4 years
  • My online courses are on auto-pilot, and October was my highest sales month of the year
  • I’d actually love to hire a part time bizdev/sales/outreach person to help explore partnerships (send ’em my way)
  • I am still available for limited speaking engagements

MOST IMPORTANTLY — I am still able to do 1:1 consulting on the side, so please continue to recommend my salary negotiation services to any job-seekers interviewing for new jobs or asking for a raise

What About Your Other Gigs?

The funny thing about life, is that it usually steers you in the right direction.

Just as this job opportunity came up…

  • My writing gigs at places like Success Magazine started to dry up
  • My editor at left for another position
  • Both of my Mediabistro courses were going to require an extensive update, but one of them went away and they changed the format moving forward (to something less interactive), so seemed like a good time to end that relationship
  • My Fall NYU class didn’t get enough students, so they cancelled it for this semester

Sounds like the universe was clearing my schedule.

Are you moving to Seattle?

As my friend Bobby once said, if you can work from anywhere in the world, why work in perhaps the most expensive city in the country? Well, it’s when that city has the allure of New York. It’s been 14 years and yes, my apartment is feeling cramped and I might be outgrowing the city life a bit. And yes, I have a network of friends in Seattle, and it would be a less hectic lifestyle.

But my decision for now is… not yet.

It’s a long way from my family, I’d like some stability as I immerse myself in this new job (that works primarily on eastern time), I still want to get some resources in order, and I feel like I have one last hurrah here. So for now, NYC will remain my “home base,” allowing me to travel to places both sunny and snowy over the winter, and I’ll revisit in the spring. Thanks to all my friends that have suffered through my endless pros and cons lists. Sadly, I can’t promise it’s over.

Final Thoughts

My four years as a solopreneur was truly incredible. It’s everything they say it is, with highs and lows and twists and turns. By far the best part is the freedom. I worked in places as diverse as Buenos Aires and Thailand, and as mundane as my parent’s dining room table. I went to the gym or met up with friends or took a nap or spoke at conferences around the country whenever I wanted. I actually did those things a lot.

But when I was in a groove, I spoke from the heart, channeled my voice, and created courses and speeches and conferences and classes and articles to help others. I’m incredibly proud and also humbled to know that I made a difference in the lives of thousands (and will continue to do so in my new role).

Full time jobs aren’t the enemy; crappy full time jobs are.

I feel like I just completed a 4 year entrepreneurship degree, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m fascinated by the Future of Work. If you’re not where you want to be, that’s ok. It’s ok to be listless. It’s ok to take some time and figure things out. I can personally name at least half a dozen close friends that are contemplating their next move. It’s ok to think you should be doing something else. Even if you’re 35 or 45 or 55. The number you should really be thinking of is 100. Because if you reach that age and you look back on your life, can you say you really and truly lived it?