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Long-Term Parking Needed

Seeking long-term parking / car storage near Boston


I am seeking to store my small vehicle for an extended period of time. Please contact me if you know of any private or public garages.

Fast Facts

  • Seeking: Private or public garage to store my small car
  • Location: Ideally in Weymouth, Braintree, or Quincy, MA
  • Time frame: Beginning approximately April 28, end date TBD
  • Access: I will need access to the car 2-4 times per year (Will have advanced notice)
  • Setting: Must be indoors; Ideally heated in winter, free from rodents, near wall outlet
  • Budget: Negotiable; Seeking $100 or less per month


If you, or someone you know of a great location, or if you have any questions …

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