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Past speaking:


LIFT Conference – Mirasee (Jun 16)
Negotiation – LIM College (Mar 23)
Social Media Week – NYU (Mar 1)


Negotiation – LIM College (Oct 26)
Negotiation – LIM College (Mar 23)


Negotiation – LIM College (Oct 28)
WDS 2015 (Attending) (Jul 9-13)
SXSW V2V 2015 (Jul 20-22)
NYU Social Media Strategy (Fall 2015)
MB Blogging/SEO Class (Jun 17)
Negotiation – LIM College (Apr 22)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Mar 30)
SXSW 2015 (Mar 15)
NYU Social Media Strategy (Mar 5)
MB Blogging/SEO Class (Mar 4)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Jan 26)
NYU Information Session (Jan 22)


NYU Social Media Strategy (Nov 6)
MB Blogging/SEO Class (Nov 5)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Nov 3)
Mediabistro: Mgmt 101 (Oct 30)
Findspark Event (Oct 25)
Negotiation – LIM College (Oct 8)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Sep 8)
Findspark Career Bootcamp (Aug 7)
SXSWV2V: Fear Panel (Jul 16)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Jun 23)
MB Advanced Blogging Class (Jun 11)
99U Conference Mentor (May 1-2)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Apr 28)
Social Media Wk: Creativity (Feb 20)
MB Advanced Blogging Class (Feb 12)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Feb 3)
NYU Social Media Strategy (Mar 6)


Mother Jones Magazine (Dec 6)
NYU Social Media Strategy (Nov 14)
Find+Follow Your Passion (Nov 9)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Nov 4)
Negotiation – LIM College (Oct 30)
Negotiation – ISSA in CT (Oct 18)
Negotiation at Gen Assembly (Oct 17)
MB Salary Negotiation (Oct 16)
Reboot Workshop (Oct 1)
99U Popup School (Sep 18)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Sep 16)
MB Adv Blogging Class (Sep 11)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Sep 10)
Facebook Training, Time Inc (Sep 5)
SXSW Las Vegas (Aug 14)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Jun 10)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Jun 5)
MB Adv Blogging Class (May 21)
Twitter Training, Time Inc (May 9)
Bryant University Keynote (Apr 18)
NYU Social Media Panel (Apr 16)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Apr 15)
Levo League Office Hours (Apr 11)
SXSW 2013 (Mar 11)
MB Advanced Blogging Class (Feb 5)
MB Twitter Marketing Class (Feb 4)


Mediabistro Twitter Class (Nov 19)
Find+Follow Your Passion (Nov 10)
MB Social Media Bootcamp (Nov 8)
Guest Spkr CUNY (Private) (Oct 24)
Improv for Business (Private) (Oct 17)
Blogging Course for Financial Times Global Digital Learning (Oct 9)
Mediabistro Twitter Class (Aug 7)
Private Salary Salon (Aug 6)
Women in Cable Telecom. (Jul 26)
Media Bistro Twitter Class (Jun 26)
Reboot Conference (Apr 28)
Bryant University (Apr 21)
Women in Business Conf (Apr 11)
Media Bistro Twitter Class (Mar 27)
Assoc for Operations Mgmt (Apr 19)
Salary Negotiation Class (Mar 21)
SXSW Book Signing (Mar 10)
SXSW Interactive (Mar 10)
Advertising Women of NY (Mar 7)
Reboot Conference (Jan 28)

Previous Speaking

Publisher’s Business Council
Custom Content Council
General Electric
Conde Nast University Series
WIRED National Sales Meeting

University Speaking

NYU Social Media Strategy Course
NYU Summer Publishing Institute
NYU Masters Program
Bryant University
Baruch College
Fordham University


Topics Jim Speaks on:

Salary Negotiation
Personal branding
Changing digital landscape
Lifestyle design and remote work
Podcast creation and production
Digital publishing


As I see it, there are really only two goals a speaker should have for a compelling presentation: Entertain and Inform.

If an audience member is entertained but doesn’t learn anything, they might walk away with a smile on their face, but disappointed that they didn’t take away any actionable ideas.

If a speaker doesn’t engage with the audience in a meaningful way and capture their attention, they will tune out and become bored, even if the speaker had something valuable to share.


If you’re looking for a speaker that resembles a TV Reporter standing at attention with minimal movement and a monotone delivery, you’ve come to the wrong place. My approach is more like an announcer at a live sporting event, feeding off the energy of the crowd, dialed in to the facts and figures, yet bringing the excitement at the right times.

My presentation materials support my speaking style, using simple text, vivid photographs, and engaging videos to grab and hold the audience’s attention. While my jokes might get an equal amount of groans as laughs, I work on the timing and delivery just as much as with the core discussion.


Jim-PBC-SpeakingIt’s quite simple. Do you want to hire a speaker that talks the talk? Or Jim, who has walked the walk?

You want someone that has a deep understanding of technology.
Talk: Occasionally “replies all” to emails by mistake.
Jim: Started writing code in 7th grade, has a CIS degree, and has answered 10,000+ tech support calls.

You want someone that can talk about blogging and podcasting.
Talk: Created a Tumblr account in Feb 2011. Inactive since May 2011.
Jim: Created a blog post and podcast every week since April 2008

You want someone that can talk about Facebook.
Talk: Is friends with nearly all their high school classmates.
Jim: Curated Wired.com’s Facebook page, communicating to 275,000 fans daily to make it #2 traffic driver.

Jim- Speaking NYUYou want someone that can talk about Twitter.
Talk: Has 189 followers and been meaning to change default icon.
Jim: Spearheaded Wired’s Twitter feed, growing from 8k followers to 1MM; 3,500 fans on personal account.

You want someone that can talk about the shifting digital landscape.
Talk: Just bought a Kindle for beach reading.
Jim: Published author with paperback, ebook, and audiobook.

You want someone that can talk about negotiation.
Talk: Saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico.
Jim: Articles based on Salary Tutor book have been featured on Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance.

You want someone that can speak from experience.
Talk: Added “Social Media Guru” to their resume. Last month.
Jim: 15+ years experience at startups and global new media brands with 10 million+ monthly uniques


“I just wanted to extend a big thank you for returning to SPI this year to speak with the students. What a great, energy-charged session! You gave them a great sense of the importance of brand and how they can be producing work that could be helpful in their job searches.”
— Maryellen Gordon, Director, Magazine/Digital Program, NYU Summer Publishing Institute

“We were fortunate to have Jim speak at our event. Not only is he a pleasure to work with, but our attendees rated him extremely highly, referring to him as ‘engaging,’ ‘energetic,’ and ‘very helpful,’ among others.”
— Noelle Skodzinski, Editorial Director, Conference Program Director, Publishing Business Conference & Expo

Bryant University Students“I very much enjoyed your “Salary Tutor” presentation last week at Bryant as well as the opportunity to meet you and benefit from your insights regarding salary negotiation and job search strategies. Your interactive, witty and informative presentation will definitely help our Bryant students to be successful as they navigate this competitive job market! Thanks for giving so generously of your time and talent to ensure the continued success of our students!”
— Kathleen Clarkin, Manager, Recruiting Program & Employer Relations, Amica Center for Career Education

“I attended Jim Hopkinson’s career presentation at Bryant University and found it very enlightening to hear from someone who is successful and knowledgeable on this topic but from someone who was once a Bryant Bulldog like myself. He walked us through his progressions in life and shared useful tips about salary negotiation. His presentation was great because he reinforced the things we should know to do in preparation for an interview as well as include tips and processes on how to do it. Much thanks to Jim for taking time to give back to us currently here at Bryant.”
— Kyle McQueen, Bryant University MBA candidate.

Bryant University Students Ask Questions
“I really took Jim’s advice to heart on how to brand myself by quickly developing a blog and website which aids me in pitching my personal brand during the interview process. Jim really taught me how to take my social media knowledge and apply it to a career skill. I now know how to appropriately discuss my salary with a potential employer as a female in the business world.”
— Norell Zable, Bryant University MBA Candidate

“Jim’s enthusiasm for the topic is infectious. He knew not only about his presentation, but he had deep knowledge of the subject that showed when students asked questions about the matter being presented. He also made himself available via email for follow-up questions specific to my own interests in subjects covered in the class. If I could take 10 more classes with him, I would!”
— Student evaluation, NYU Social Media Strategy Class

“I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the opportunity participate in today’s Reboot Workshop. I learned so much from the other presenters AND the attendees, and I was inspired by the full crowd and the universal drive to do what you love and make it your life’s work. Keep me posted on future productions!”
— Danya Cheskis-Gold, Community Manager, Skillshare

“Jim is a dynamic and energetic speaker who thoughtfully prepared his presentation to meet the needs and interests of our Women in Business Conference attendees. His extensive industry experience and his personable approach make him an engaging presenter with practical skills to share.”
— Rebecca Youngerman, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Kogod School of Business, American University

“The best of any of the 5 classes I’ve taken from Mediabistro. The difference was many fold. The weekly readings were turned into video-lectures, broken into digestible parts, which were very dynamic and professionally produced. Also, for the live chat session, Jim’s skilled use of the webcam to present live, real time discussions, illustrated by well-prepared Powerpoints, made it so interesting and a real give and take between leader and students. The assignments were goal-oriented to learn the material of the course. He is extremely personable, and very good at using individual questions for value to the whole class. Terrific teacher.”
— Student, Mediabistro Twitter Marketing Class

“Jim brought incredible energy to the class as well as knowledge. I cannot express what a welcome departure this class was from other adult learning environments, where people just show up, tired from their day and let you know. He was prepared in advance, provided excellent content and was encouraging. Can’t stress enough what a great experience this was. I have taken a number of classes – both online and in person here in Chicago – and the MediaBistro online classes have by far impressed me the most. Jim’s professionalism and energy is what made this experience so positive. He provided content I could use immediately, and have already increased my Twitter following because of it. 5 stars all the way!!”
— Student, Mediabistro Twitter Marketing Class


Storytelling for NYU’s Innovation Initiative, “Ideas Never Sleep”:

Excerpt of my speech for the Custom Content Council on the changing digital landscape:

Excerpt of my speech for Conde Nast Digital University on the topics of Geolocation and Twitter:

Click the image below to go to Yahoo Finance and see my appearance there.
Jim Hopkinson Yahoo Finance

Reboot Workshop Conference Trailer:

Reboot Workshop Conference 5 minute “Ignite-style” speech:

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